I UK [kəʊtʃ] / US [koʊtʃ] noun
Word forms "coach":
singular coach plural coaches
a) [countable] British a long comfortable vehicle for carrying a large number of passengers, especially on long journeys

We travelled to Oxford by coach.

coach tour/trip/holiday:

There are daily coach tours to Venice.

b) an old-fashioned vehicle that is pulled by horses
a) [countable] someone who trains a sports player or team

Nadal has a new coach.

a baseball coach

b) someone who teaches a special skill, especially one connected with performing such as singing or acting

An acting coach was brought in for the less experienced actors.

3) [countable] British one of the sections of a train. The American word is car

First class accommodation is in the front two coaches.

4) [uncountable] tourism American a less expensive type of seat on a plane or train. The British word is economy or tourist class.

II UK [kəʊtʃ] / US [koʊtʃ] verb [transitive]
Word forms "coach":
present tense I/you/we/they coach he/she/it coaches present participle coaching past tense coached past participle coached
1) to train a sports player or team

Mr Jones coaches the football team.

I'd like to coach athletics.

a) to teach someone a special skill, especially one connected with performing in public

a stage school where they coach children in singing and dancing

b) to teach someone a school subject, especially in order to help them prepare for an examination

My father coached me in maths.

3) to tell someone what to say or do in a particular situation

Danielson had been coached by her lawyers, and said very little.

Derived word:
UK / US noun uncountable

English dictionary. 2014.

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